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Dispatches from Ghana: Breaking the cycle of poverty among rice farmers

I was extremely close to my grandfather as a child, and I always looked forward impatiently to summer vacation, when my family took its annual trip to Miyagi to visit my grandparents. As the Shinkansen bullet train sped north, leaving hot, muggy Tokyo behind, I would gaze out the window at the rice paddies.  Decked out in that rich, vibrant golden green that defies description, they seemed to stretch out forever and ever. [Read More]

TEDxOsu: Ghana travels together to go far

Ghana is rising. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world deriving its economic strength from exports such as gold, oil, diamond and cocoa. There is a growing middle class and a significant influx of foreign investment. And earlier this year, the country has announced a project to build Hope City, a 10 billion dollar IT hub which will have Africa’s tallest building and employ over 50,000 people. [Read More]