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Welcoming Naeem Zamindar as Acumen’s new Pakistan Director

We are pleased to announce Naeem Zamindar as Acumen’s new Pakistan Country Director. Naeem’s 25-year career combines experience in venture capital with multiple high-level operational and leadership roles. Naeem worked at Intel Capital in Silicon Valley, helping build companies in the digital, new media and wireless broadband space. In Pakistan, he was CEO of Wateen Telecom, where he restructured the publicly listed company, turned around the business and repositioned it for growth, to take the company from losing $2 million per month to generating $1 million in positive cash flow over a matter of three years. He was also a founding member of Pakistan’s leading telecom company Mobilink and, as a part of its senior leadership team, built a nationwide fiber-optic network through the acquisition of four companies that now form Mobilink’s broadband division. [Read More]

Lean Data Goes Deeper

One of the most interesting questions we’re grappling with right now on the Impact team at Acumen is how to develop a more robust, rigorous, and transparent form of quantifying the social value our companies create. While I don’t believe we will ever fully understand all the social value created – and while there will always be room for debate and interpretation – I do think today we have the tools to get a lot closer to customers and hear how they value products. [Read More]

Welcoming our new COO, Carlyle Singer

We recently welcomed a new Chief Operating Officer to the team. Carlyle Singer brings over 30 years of executive, management, operational and corporate finance experience, most recently serving as President and CEO of a $280M private equity-owned global distribution company for printing and copier products. For more about her background, check out her bio. [Read More]

Acumen Values Award

At Acumen, our values are woven into all we do – from investing in companies to how we treat one another, our wider community, and the customers with whom we work. We realize that the work of creating change requires the moral imagination and, at times, courage, to consider trade-offs as we make the best decisions we can. To be effective, we need to know how to be both accountable and generous, when to listen and when to lead, how to be audacious while practicing humility. These rest on the foundation of both respect and integrity, two immutable values that carry into all we do. [Read More]

A waiting game in Kenya

Nairobi looks like a ghost town these past few days with most businesses closed and the transport system almost at a standstill. Most people have been cautious and remained indoors since Monday. Things are still very calm but there’s increasing frustration with the slow pace at which the elections results are being tallied and announced. [Read More]

“Impact Investing…tell me about that.”

A few weeks ago, our India Director, Sachindra Rudra was interviewed on Good Morning Mumbai, a popular program on Radio One, with RJ Hrishikesh Kanan. They chatted about Acumen Fund, Sachin’s background and the journey that brought him from a very traditional private sector job to the world of social impact. Most importantly, they discussed impact investing in India and how Acumen’s work is extending beyond our portfolio to develop leaders in the sector. Check out the interview below! [Read More]