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In the news

Acumen Fund has had a fortunate few weeks in terms of media coverage. Not only were we featured in BusinessWeek online, an article about us appeared in the “Giving” section of Monday’s The New York Times; James Surowiecki mentions Acumen Fund in MIT’s Technology Review; and we will be featured this weekend on CNN’s program “In the Money.” Clearly, the media is starting to pay closer attention to new models for social enterprise, and we’re happy to be part of advancing that discussion. [Read More]

It’s all a balancing act: strategy, leadership, life

Another busy week as an Acumen Fund Fellow addressed issues of balance. The question of life balance is a particularly resonant one for me, given that I am juggling the needs of my family (a wife and 9-month-old son) with my responsibilities as a Fellow. It’s clear that such questions are common to every leader and would-be leader. But balance goes beyond just overcoming the divide between personal and professional lives. [Read More]

A place for profits in microfinance?

In a timely article, given the winning of the Nobel Peace Prize by Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, The New Yorker discusses the power and potential of microfinance as one way to lift people from poverty. One interesting thread of the article is around exactly how profitable enterprises serving the poor should be. It is a complex question: most microfinance organizations actually charge high interest rates to cover high transaction costs, and, once specific volumes are met, tend to be very profitable organizations. Other companies – certainly many of those supported by Acumen Fund – take years of subsidy before they move to break-even and financial sustainability. (It has to be remembered that the microfinance industry is now more than 30 years old. Its maturity allows for more sophisticated capital markets to evolve.) Finding ways to communicate the power of market-oriented approaches while recognizing the need for grant capital to build management capacity and overall infrastructure continues to be a major challenge for the social sector focused on supporting business approaches to solving social problems. [Read More]

Three views of Africa

The Acumen Fund Fellows have been fortunate to meet many inspiring leaders and engage in plenty of thought-provoking discussions over the past four weeks. The question about how to write and talk about Africa has been raised several times. In April, Jacqueline referenced “How to Write About Africa” on this blog and discussed it with the fellows during the first week of orientation. This piece exposes the simplicity of how most people write about Africa and inspired us to think about how to do it in a different way. [Read More]