Press Releases

Do you moo?

The recent book The Big Moo: Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable, edited by our good friend Seth Godin, includes essays from 33 top thinkers, including Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters and Acumen Fund’s own Jacqueline Novogratz. “The Group of 33” is collectively donating 100% of author royalties from The Big Moo to three charities. Acumen Fund is delighted to be one of them, along with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Room to Read. On April 1-2, MSN kindly donated its home page to run two innovative ads for The Big Moo, spreading the word to its vast audience. Our thanks to Seth, MSN, the authors and all those who have bought the book. [Read More]

Happy birthday, Acumen Fund!

Acumen Fund celebrated its fifth birthday this week. It is hard to believe in some ways, exciting to think about in all ways. On April 1, 2001, Acumen Fund was officially registered as a public charity. Since then, we have focused on building sustainable and scalable organizations that deliver affordable healthcare, water and housing to the poor. These efforts have helped yield significant social returns, including the following: [Read More]