Remarkable People

We Are Each Other’s Destiny

To reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to consider deeply our human interconnectedness and the world we want to build. Each year on this day, I re-read his extraordinary, elegiac “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to remember his commitment to human equality and the price he paid. I read it to remind myself of the power of idealism grounded in pragmatism. I read it to renew my belief in our individual and collective abilities to help bend the moral arc ever more toward justice. [Read More]

Finding purpose through courage

Courage in unlikely places

My pathway to Acumen and the impact investing space is a bit circuitous, but is inspired by the courage that I met in quite unlikely places.  It took traveling to Assis, Brazil, for my heart to be arrested. Through the eyes of children like Pit, who were held at gunpoint and forced to join violent gangs, or Lillian, who were caught in a bitter cycle of prostitution to support their drug addiction, I saw courage that came from brokenness. [Read More]

Win No Matter What: the power of positivity

As a freshman college student in New York City last year, I rode the subways often as a means of getting around Manhattan. Usually, I thought nothing of the subway system. One day though, I was in such a joyful mood that I just had to socialize with someone.  I tried to initiate a conversation with a lady sitting next to me on my subway car, only to get a blank emotionless face in return. She looked extremely rushed and bored at the same time. That moment ultimately made me think about humans in general. We often do not live to the fullest or notice all the bright life around us because we think we have insufficient time, are preoccupied, or sometimes tired. [Read More]