Jassar Farms

Improving livestock productivity in Pakistan.

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First Year
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Milk is the largest and single most important commodity within Pakistan’s livestock sector. Yet more than 75 percent of livestock owners are poor farmers who own fewer than four cows, and most struggle with low milk productivity. On average, it takes five Pakistani cows to produce as much milk as one cow in the U.S. or Europe.

Breed improvement can be achieved through artificial insemination that uses world-class bull semen. While smallholder farmers in Pakistan currently use artificial insemination, they are unable to afford the imported semen.



Jassar Farms was founded in 2005 in Narowal, Pakistan. The company operates a dairy farm and is establishing a Livestock Semen Processing Unit to bring high-quality bull semen to small livestock farmers at affordable prices. It is the only private sector farm in Pakistan to have acquired the technology to transfer embryos.


Using the bull semen will allow smallholder farmers to double their cows’ milk yields, potentially leading to an increase in income by 33,300 Pakistani rupees ($400 USD) per year per cow. Six male and three female calves from embryo transfers have been born to date. This first generation of hybrid cattle are already producing three times the milk as their mothers.

Jassar Farms aims to produce 125,000 semen doses annually, improving the milk productivity of more than 250,000 farming families’ livestock by 2015.