The future depends on a new breed of leader, ready to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

Passion and purpose will only take you so far. Leaders need the right mix of values, skills, and experience.

Leadership Model

Acumen leaders possess a combination of financial expertise, operational expertise, and that special something we call “moral imagination.”

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Our Leadership Programs

Do you want to step up to make a change in the world? Our leadership programs provide more than skills training. They are an opportunity to dig deep into your vision, your purpose, and your self-knowledge. They bring together like-minded individuals who are as hungry as you are to change the way the world tackles poverty.

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Global Fellows Program

A full-time one-year fellowship. 10-12 individuals from all over the world spend two months in New York undergoing intensive leadership training, followed by nine months working with one of Acumen’s portfolio companies.

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Regional Fellows Program

A one-year fellowship currently offered in East Africa, Pakistan or India. 20 individuals in each region participate in intensive seminars and training exercises to improve their capacity to execute on a social change project of their choosing. Participants remain in their full-time jobs while in the program.

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We created +Acumen to give people a meaningful way to “add Acumen” to their lives. +Acumen makes our leadership curriculum available to anyone, globally. Learn through online courses, volunteer through our chapters, or apply to lead a new chapter in your city.

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Meet The Leaders

“What I love most about +Acumen is interacting with different people, through the chapter team and our events, who share a common vision to bring change to the developing world.”

-Anna Tuveson

“Leaders aren't usually the best swimmers out there, but are always the first few to take the risk of crossing river. Acumen has taught me that leading the change is worth the risk.”

-Waqas Ali
2013 Pakistan Fellow

“Leaders need vision: this is a starting point. They also need pragmatism and resolve to see change through. The fellowship cultivates our visions, and trains us to enable change.”

-Tayeb Noorbhai
2013 East Africa Fellow

“We came to Acumen looking for answers, yet we found that there is more value in continuing to ask the questions, that these questions often start a much needed conversation.”

-Shahd AlShehail
2013 Global Fellow

“Volunteering with +Acumen gives me a rich community of friends, partners, teachers, & role models who care about the poor. I'm learning to lead & to fight the problems of poverty.”

-Stefan Mustain

“The fellowship provided me an opportunity to get to know some talented young people with creative ideas about how to solve problems of the marginalized communities of Pakistan. ”

-Muhammad Saeed Khan
2013 Pakistan Fellow

“+Acumen volunteering goes beyond fundraising and community building—it's also an opportunity to develop key leadership skills such as self-awareness, empathy, and moral imagination”

-Cristina Celis
New York+Acumen

“You will never know what you are capable of unless you try. Be brave enough to be vulnerable and humble. Accept who you truly are, yet always strive to know yourself better. ”

-Raseel Sehmi

“Let the fireworks begin! Volunteering with Acumen has really been quite an experience. I've done community service in the past, but never with such insight and innovation.”

-Mohammed Al Saadoun

“I have learned to work with uncertainty within and around me.”

-R Michael Craig
2013 Global Fellow

“The Acumen Fellowship has given me a deeper appreciation for the incredible diversity of perspectives shaping the development debate in contemporary Pakistan.”

-Mehran Gul
2013 Pakistan Fellow

“I had a chance to interact with a different kind of Philanthropy, one that seeks to reach out to people in need without comprising their dignity. This makes true giving conceivable”

-Pauline Wanja
2012 East Africa Fellow

“The Acumen community is one of great role models. I am challenged and inspired to reflect on how my work contributes to something beyond myself and to lead from a place of purpose.”

-Mark McCoy

“+Acumen enriches my life in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It challenges my thinking on poverty alleviation & leadership and inspires me to do my best to give back in my own way.”

-Natasha D'Souza

“Day after day, I take three steps forward and two steps back. Frustrating, but I embrace this journey as I can get stronger only by falling down, getting back up again, and repeat.”

-Junko Tashiro
2013 Global Fellow

“It takes more than passion and smarts and a good business model for a social entrepreneur to succeed. Most of all it takes guts and unshakeable commitment.”

-Nicole Iden
2013 Global Fellow

“Being the change I want to see in the world can be a difficult challenge. The Acumen Fellowship has provided me with a vibrant support structure and tools to do good and do well.”

-Majala Mlagui
2013 East Africa Fellow

“HOPE is real. Local solutions can be found with patience.”

-Jay Jaboneta
2013 Global Fellow

“The Good Society readings inspired me to be more committed to the institutionalization of core governance principles, such as sound public policy, liberty and the rule of law.”

-William Lochi
2013 East Africa Fellow

“Self-discovery, deepening of maturity, sharpening of tools and expansion of network – what an amazing experience! It is liberating to know that I am not normal but I am sane.”

-Marion Moon
2013 East Africa Fellow

“I never knew I had this much potential; it has been a moment of learning and self discovery, great inspiration and encouragement, every leader needs this for progress in our time.”

-Joachim Ewechu
2013 East Africa Fellow

“Resilience and moral imagination are key in my life. Neither grants nor markets alone will solve poverty but honest engagement with the very people whose problems am solving.”

-Patricia Jumi
2012 East Africa Fellow

“My fellowship was crucial; I have the courage to start my enterprise, honing my leadership style in training and experience at GADC and supported by my cohort and Acumen family.”

-Natalie Grillon
2013 Global Fellow

“I learn to see and treat each individual as a complex being with emotions, struggles and hopes. ”

-Christina Tang
2013 Global Fellow

“The fellowship helped me see the world from a different angle - an angle the corporate world is not used, but which is so important in order to make the world a better place.”

-Abbas Akhtar
2013 Global Fellow

“The role of +Acumen cannot be expressed in one single way, but rather as a platform and support for people who want to turn their ideas into actions.”

-Eriko (Atsumi) Yagi

“For me,"patient capital" has transformed from being a buzz phrase to something I see creating real value. At d.light, we're not only providing lights to people, but hope also.”

-Mustapha Abokede
2013 Global Fellow