The Acumen 1% Fund

The Acumen 1% Fund (A1F) is a new opportunity for successful entrepreneurs to support Acumen’s groundbreaking work by pledging 1% of their shares to Acumen.


A1F recognizes that an entrepreneur’s most important asset is their life’s work — the companies they build and the value they create. There is no contribution that would be worth more, or have greater meaning behind it.

A1F is a pioneering model whereby an entrepreneur pledges 1% of his or her company shares to a fund supporting Acumen’s innovative work fighting global poverty. How it works:

  • A1F Partners donate 1% of the shares in their company to A1F.
  • Upon liquidity, each A1F cohort is expected to generate millions of dollars in funding for Acumen’s work; significantly enhancing our ability to revolutionize poverty alleviation.
  • A1F Partners have access to full Acumen Partner benefits: portfolio and sector updates, partner conference calls, and an invitation to our annual Investor Gathering.
  • A1F Partners have access to exclusive A1F benefits: access to the broader Acumen community, special events, and opportunities to engage with Acumen entrepreneurs.

JN and Brian Trelstad


Being an A1F Partner means being connected with a vibrant community of Acumen Fund Partners, entrepreneurs, staff, and other A1F Partners passionate about changing the way the world tackles poverty.

A1F Partners receive:

  • Access to A1F Member Directory of current and past A1F Partners; some of the most successful serial entrepreneurs deeply committed to alleviating global poverty.
  • Invitation to A1F symposiums which bring together A1F.
  • Partners with leading venture capitalists, innovators, and Acumen entrepreneurs.
  • Invitation to Acumen’s annual Investor Gathering in New York, where we convene our entire global community giving A1F Partners the opportunity to interact with Acumen entrepreneurs, Partners, Advisors, Board of Directors, and staff.
  • Tax Benefits Upon Liquidity which affords A1F Partners the maximum expected tax benefit for their donation to Acumen, a 501(c)3 non-profit.
  • Press Opportunities as Acumen details this groundbreaking work and funding structure.