We believe access to critical goods and services is a key to unlocking the poverty trap.

Gaining access to critical goods and services can result in improved capabilities and a significant increase in productivity for individuals, families, and their communities. Lack of access prevents individuals from having control over their own lives and unleashing their full potential.

Our Sectors

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Our agricultural investments span innovations across our geographies such as hybrid seed varieties, access to financing for smallholder farmers, to mobile-technology to ensure farmers receive fair pay for their crops, and more.

Hippocampus Education


We focus on education services and vocational training for low-income customers. By investing in a portfolio of solutions addressing education, we are helping to close the gap between access, quality, and affordability to generate pathways out of poverty for millions.

girl with dlight s1 Energy


Our companies, which are impacting tens of millions of lives, are innovators in hand-held solar power, distributed energy to rural communities, clean cookstoves, bio-gasification systems, and more.

1298 Health


Our Health Portfolio supports a range of solutions providing healthcare products and services to low-income customers from affordable emergency ambulance services, to healthcare education, to affordable eye care, to health insurance for families.

AMC Pakistan Housing


We invest in sustainable, scalable enterprises that focus on supply and financing for housing. Examples include housing for low-income squatters, micro-lending for women, and formalizing land rights for the poor.

Water Fellows


Our water and sanitation investments span across our geographies from safe drinking water kiosks, to water delivery services, to affordable pay-per-use toilets in slums.