Announcing two new +Acumen courses - Acumen

Announcing two new +Acumen courses

By Acumen on April 15, 2013


+Acumen (www.pluslocalhost) was created to give people a meaningful way to “add Acumen” to their lives.  +Acumen is anchored by our vibrant network of 20 volunteer chapters.  Then in January, we took the concept of “adding Acumen” further by offering the Acumen Leadership Essentials course that was free and open to anyone.  We were thrilled when 3,000+ people registered from 103 countries around the world.  Over 6-weeks participants were engaged in discussions and activities that pushed them on their personal purpose, challenged them on how best to create change, and exposed them to tools such as human-centered design and adaptive leadership.  Participants say:

“I signed up for the course to learn more about Acumen Fund… What I didn’t expect was that it would push me to really think about my personal values, goals and motivations for how I really want to impact the world.”

“This course has been very enriching.  We are not the same as we were when we started it”.

Today, we are excited to announce two new +Acumen courses that are open for registration at www.pluslocalhost/courses/.

Each course pulls from the leadership training that Acumen Fellows experience.  Once again, the courses are free and open to anyone, but you must sign up as a team (min 2 people; max 6).

  • Lean for Social Impact (apply by April 22) – Calling all social innovators!  This 7-week course is modeled after the Lean Launchpad Class pioneered by Steve Blank.  You will learn how to test, validate, and adapt your vision of change to ensure you’re creating the greatest impact and investing your time in something worthwhile.   We are excited to have Bob Dorf, serial entrepreneur and co-author of The Startup Owner’s Manual, on our teaching team. Your team will also be paired with a mentor. Apply here.
  • Storytelling for Change (register by May 5) – Storytelling is a core skill for any aspiring change-maker.  This 4 week course aims to help you better connect with your audience, whether in a meeting with one person or in a presentation to hundreds of people.  We are grateful to The Ariel Group, which has worked with us in developing this course. The Ariel Group has trained Acumen’s Global Fellows in storytelling for the past five years.  Register here.

These courses are an exciting new way to dig deeper into Acumen’s work and develop your own toolkit for change. Take what you learn at +acumen and apply it in your own way.  Innovation could come from anyone, and we believe that the world truly needs you to lead.

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