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How three investors are measuring their impact on climate resilience

Measuring climate resilience is difficult. For mitigation, estimating greenhouse gas emissions is somewhat straightforward, but for adaptation, impacts are varied and complex. Often the impact thesis is to “build resilience,” where the definition of resilience varies by context, sector, and target population.

Optimism and Urgency at the 2022 Global Off-Grid Solar Forum & Expo

When Acumen was in Kigali, we shared what we have learned from 15 years of investing to end energy poverty and built on the partnerships and connections needed for us to further our reach and impact. Conference sessions and connections made during the GOGLA Forum left us with many insightful takeaways that we will be … Continued

Reflecting on the Past to Rebuild an Industry

Strawcture is the story of a young entrepreneurial leader who turned challenge into opportunity, saw the world around her anew–and took a risk to create a company that just might change an industry for good.

Where Credit is Due: How to Safely Scale PAYGo Finance

We need more pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar, not less, to bring modern energy to the poorest communities within the next decade. But when companies grow PAYGo loan portfolios too quickly, without establishing cultures of managing risk and internal controls to protect consumers, they can harm the people who need credit the most.  The Problem Seven hundred … Continued

Art and Technology Intersect to Support Social Change in Times Square

Over the Halloween weekend, the art and technology worlds converged in a cutting-edge experiment to benefit social change initiatives through an NFT Auction.   Four NFTs were developed by the artistic collective known as Wicked Craniums, each representing one of four gods of the elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Acumen, along with UNICEF India, Mercy Corps … Continued