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Circ MedTech’s PrePex device featured in today’s New York Times

By Acumen on January 31, 2012

Components of a PrePex device

This morning, Circ MedTech’s PrePex device was recognized by the New York Times as a key technological innovation in combating HIV/AIDS in Africa. PrePex is a device that enables safe, simple and scalable adult male circumcision, which is an effective, proven method of reducing the lifetime risk of HIV infection by approximately 60% in high-risk areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the PrePex device, which has shown success in initial safety studies and trials. An excerpt of the Times article appears below:

“From the initial safety studies done so far, PrePex is clearly faster, less painful and more bloodless than any of its current rivals. And it relies on the simplest and least-threatening technology — a rubber band.”

Read the full-text here.

Acumen Fund made a $1.25 million equity investment in Circ MedTech in 2010, enabling the company to complete the final stages of WHO prequalification and preparation for launch in critical African markets. We are humbled to witness Circ MedTech’s s progress, and we are excited to see their growing impact on HIV/AIDS prevention in sub-Saharan Africa.

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