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Jonathan Greenblatt is a Very GOOD Guy

By Acumen on April 11, 2008

“Great” is often thought of as better than “good.” Not in this case. What I mean to say is that GOOD is great; GOOD Magazine, that is. We at Acumen Fund are happy to congratulate longtime ally Jonathan Greenblatt on his new job: CEO of GOOD Magazine, another Acumen Fund ally.

We’ve worked with Jonathan through WorldChanging, the Global Entrepreneurship XPrize, and Ethos Water – which he co-founded, sold to Starbucks and helped scale. (As of today, Ethos has raised over $6.2 million dollars towards clean water projects in the developing world.)  We are thrilled to know that we can continue working with him now that he’s at GOOD.

And just a reminder, when you subscribe to GOOD, your subscription fee is donated to Acumen Fund. GOOD magazine, good cause!

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