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100 million lives and we’re just getting started

By Sasha Dichter on December 06, 2012

The holidays are officially here! During this time of reflection and gratitude we wanted to share some exciting news and thank you for everything you’ve done to support Acumen. Whether you’ve donated, attended an event, shared a video, or retweeted us – thank you! The holiday season reminds us that sometimes what the world needs most is something to believe in – a sense of hope and a promise of possibility for the future. And that’s what you, as a member of the Acumen community, have given us.

We are excited to announce that the companies you’ve helped us invest in over the past 11 years have now impacted 100 million lives worldwide!

That’s 100 million people who can now afford basic products and services like electricity and light for their homes, education for their children, basic healthcare, and safe drinking water.  This is not only a testament to Acumen’s model, but proof that your support is changing the way the world tackles poverty. It’s an incredible milestone, and we’re just getting started.

Check out our new video and please consider making a donation to help us impact the next 100 million lives. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned over the past 11 years is that changing the way the world tackles poverty will take all of us.

We’ve always believed there was a better way, and thanks to you, we have much to be hopeful for in 2013. Thank you.


Sasha Dichter is Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen Fund. Read his blogand follow him on Twitter @sashadichter

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