Build What the
World Needs Next

If we can land rockets on Mars, we can bring electricity to the 770 million people living without it.

This year, Acumen entrepreneurs installed solar-powered street lamps in Kampala and provided ambulance services in Addis Ababa. They brought COVID tests to public housing in the Bronx and healthy meals to the elderly in Los Angeles. Business doesn’t have to fill the pockets of a few. We invest in people who use it for the greater good. Let’s build what the world needs next.




Innovating with Telemedicine through Lockdowns

Acumen Fellow Sara Saeed Khurram is Co-Founder of Sehat Kahani, an all-female medical team providing low-cost, virtual care to low-income communities through video conferences and a mobile application. Through 2020 lockdowns, Sehat Kahani worked quickly to offer Pakistanis COVID-19 telemedicine services free of charge, enabling patients to access care quickly while also reducing their risk of contagion.

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Delivering Urgent Care in a Critical Moment

Acumen Fellow Kibret Abebe is Founder and CEO of Tebita Ambulance, Ethiopia’s first private ambulance company, providing 24/7 emergency services and remote medical assistance. During COVID-19 lockdowns, Kibret and his fleet of ambulances offered its services free of charge.

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Producing Masks for Frontline Workers

Acumen Fellow Suhani Mohan is Co-Founder of Saral Designs, a company producing and distributing sanitary napkins across India. In response to COVID-19, Saral Designs repurposed its production machines to create masks for frontline workers and vulnerable citizens.

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Lighting the Way Through a Pandemic

Fellow Waringa Matindi is CEO of Village Energy, a last-mile solar energy distribution and installation company for enterprises in underserved areas of Uganda. In 2020, Village Energy provided free installation and maintenance of solar street lights, home systems and lanterns to Uganda health facilities.

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Protecting Farms from Drought as Climate Change Worsens

Acumen Fellows Sathya Raghu and Kaushik K founded Kheyti to help rural farmers in India gain more predictable crop yields and more dependable incomes. The company has distributed more than 150 greenhouses to low-income small farmers, providing economic security as farming becomes more difficult with climate change.

Invest in Entrepreneurs

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