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Nthabiseng Mosia, Alexandre Tourre, and Eric Silverman founded Easy Solar with a vision to transform the face of energy in a country that’s been in the dark for too long. Today, only 11 percent of Sierra Leone’s 7 million people have access to electricity. Easy Solar’s mission is to bring new hope and opportunity to the country by making high-quality solar energy available and affordable for all. They do this by distributing a suite of high-quality solar products on affordable payment plans to communities underserved by the grid.

In Acumen’s first-ever docuseries, we take you to Sierra Leone to get a firsthand look at Easy Solar’s impact and experience the power of solar.


When creating Easy Solar, Alexandre, Nthabi and Eric saw the incredible potential Sierra Leone held, but also recognized the important role energy plays in a person’s life and a country’s development. They set off to revolutionize how West Africa’s off-grid communities work, live and play and, in two short years, the company—Acumen’s first investment in Sierra Leone and the second under our Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative—has gone from serving 500 low-income people to more than 50,000.


Easy Solar’s employees are critical to its success. The young men and women, like Fatima Shour, who make up its team are committed to creating a brighter future for Sierra Leone. Fatima started out as an agent and, in less than a year, is now overseeing 25 percent of the company’s sales. Since 2016, Easy Solar has created more than 80 jobs across the country.

This series was supported by the incredible generosity of the partners of our Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative: UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), IKEA Foundation, Futura Foundations, Autodesk Foundation, Philips Lighting Foundation, Distributed Power Fund, Steve Ross and Shelley Scherer, and The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust.

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