A Lean Data How-to Guide: Understanding Gender Impact, Phase 2 

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Women make up more than half the global population and half of the world’s poor. At Acumen, we recognize poverty can impact women and men differently, but with existing data it is hard to have a clear understanding of how or why. To help bring a gender lens to impact measurement, Acumen and Unilever have created the Lean Data How-to Guide: Understanding Gender Impact.  The guide leverages Acumen’s Lean Data methodology to gather meaningful data to understand the gender dimensions of poverty.

To close the gender gap, we need tools to help us understand how to capture gender impacts across programs, services, and initiatives. The Lean Data How-to Guide provides a simple, easy-to-use, and actionable approach to help businesses, program designers, and investors put the voices of those they aim to serve at front and center. Our hope is that this guide can be a tool for social enterprises, impact investors, and the social sector as a whole.

Download PART TWO

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