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A mobile platform that provides Spanish-language services to improve the health of America’s Hispanic population.




The Challenge

Although Hispanics make up more than 17 percent of America’s population, Spanish-speaking doctors represent only four percent of the country’s physicians.

According to Pew, more than one-fourth of Hispanic adults lack a regular healthcare provider. Without access to consistent, culturally relevant Spanish-language health services, many Hispanics disengage with the healthcare system and defer care until their condition worsens.

This is detrimental to their long-term health: Hispanics disproportionately struggle with diabetes, obesity and other preventable conditions compared to other ethnic minorities.

The Innovation

ConsejoSano provides unlimited, around-the-clock access to health information to help Hispanics navigate the U.S. healthcare system. The tech company addresses the health disparities in the Hispanic community by tackling cost, language barriers and cultural norms and immigration status.

Because Hispanics face significantly higher rates of poverty, ConsejoSano sells directly to employers, payers and healthcare providers, so patients can use the service free of charge. The mobile platform reduces the language barrier and increases access to culturally competent doctors and healthcare professionals to ensure Hispanics are keeping track of their health. Because Hispanics are more likely to have families with mixed immigration status, users can add up to five family members as a part of their subscription, regardless of their status, to make sure no one goes unserved.

The Impact

ConsejoSano creates new points of access for millions of Hispanic Americans who have disengaged with the healthcare system.

Low health literacy often leads to worse health outcomes and misuse of healthcare services. ConsejoSano not only creates access, but also provides timely and convenient information that improves overall health literacy. This encourages a population that has historically delayed care and overused ER services to immediately manage a health concern, rather than waiting for it worsen.

By advancing the Hispanic community’s understanding of health and the healthcare system, ConsejoSano is not only improving outcomes for America’s fastest growing demographic but also helping address deep-rooted health disparities.

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