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A chain of medical centers delivering affordable, 24/7 primary health care to India’s low-income communities




The Challenge

Healthcare in India is provided either through low-quality, government-managed facilities or through expensive, private facilities. In fact, only 5 percent of India’s total population are covered through private medical insurance, and only 25 percent are covered through the government, resulting in high healthcare costs for Indian consumers. Regardless of the provider, these facilities are largely located in urban centers and almost completely out of reach, both geographically and financially, for low-income customers who live in semi-urban or rural areas. In most cases, patients must travel more than 100 km (62 miles) to access a higher level of care. Limited access to primary healthcare leads people to go without it, causing minor, inexpensive health issues to worsen over time into difficult and more expensive-to-treat problems.

The Innovation

Our Family Clinic is committed to serving the most vulnerable populations—those living in rural villages and low-income, semi-urban communities. The company’s unique model provides integrated, holistic care through an innovative family and patient-centered healthcare model delivered through a chain of Family Clinics. Each clinic offers services ranging from basic consultations to diagnostic testing, clinical procedures and an in-house pharmacy, all under one roof eliminating the need to travel to urban areas for treatment. The company’s clinics operate 24 hours and 7 days a week, to allow their customers, who are often unable to take time off from work, to receive quality care not only within their price range but also on their own schedules.

The Impact

Our Family Clinic provides affordable basic primary healthcare to underserved communities with 68 percent of patients earning less than $2.50 per day. Over the next five years, 56 clinics are estimated to impact four million lives. Additionally, patients served are expected to gain $5 equivalent in income per visit by not having to lose a wage earning day. By providing local, holistic healthcare service solution, Our Family Clinic offers price points which are much lower than what a patient would pay for treatment in a larger hospital.

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