One Great Idea

One Great Idea

All it takes is #OneGreatIdea to change the world. The challenges we face today, from climate change to extreme inequality, demand new solutions. Introducing Acumen’s video series featuring great ideas creating outsized impact.

To Help Women Become Homeowners

Sitara provides affordable housing financing to underserved low-income households in urban Indian communities.

To Protect Small Farms from Climate Change

Kheyti, a social enterprise co-founded by two Acumen Fellows, has created a revolutionary greenhouse-in-a-box that’s transforming the lives of India’s smallholder farmers.

To Give Prisoners a Second Chance

Ten years ago, Teresa Njoroge was falsely imprisoned in Kenya. Now she’s on a mission to make sure formerly incarcerated women get a clean start.

To Transform the Cacao Industry

When Carlos Velasco set out to help his home of Colombia recover from civil war, he didn’t expect to create chocolate that would capture the world’s attention.

To Feed a Country

David Ellis had never seen a chicken in his life. Today, his well-hatched idea is creating new hope in Ethiopia, a country that has long wrestled with malnutrition and famine.

To Undo Centuries of Menstrual Stigma

At 23, Suhani Mohan grew frustrated with India’s menstruation myths. She’s now on a mission to empower women and provide high-quality pads to end those taboos.

To Build Homes for All

In Pakistan, there are 9 million people without a place to call home. Jawad Aslam is laying the foundation to build affordable housing for all.

To Empower an Invisible Workforce

Half a billion people make up India’s labor force. Gayathri Vasudevan is bringing visibility and opportunities to under-skilled workers across the country.

To Rethink the Education System

In looking to live a life of impact, Benje Williams found his purpose in Pakistan. Now’s he’s helping the country to rethink its education system and the youth to see the learning possibilities in everyday life.

To Empower Women Through Beekeeping

Under the Mango Tree promotes beekeeping to increase agricultural productivity to improve livelihoods and incomes of farmers in rural India.

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