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Acumen Pakistan’s Investments

The primary object of Acumen Pakistan is to promote, create and invest through loans, equity investments and other capital structures in financially sustainable and scalable organizations that deliver affordable and critical goods and services in areas including water, healthcare, housing and energy to improve and elevate the lives of low-income people.



Our investments increase the incomes of smallholder farmers by helping them adapt to climate change, increasing their productivity, and providing access to markets.


Our investments focus on all parts of the education system, from basic schooling to job training for low-income customers, to generate pathways out of poverty.


Our investments support a range of solutions to provide affordable, high-quality health care and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of medical treatment for low-income families everywhere.


Our investments are accelerating energy solutions across the developing world and building sustainable models to bring clean energy to millions of low-income people.

A Place to Call Their Own

A spirit of generosity and brotherhood led Jawad Aslam to create Ansaar Management Company (AMC), an Acumen Pakistan investee that provides affordable housing to the low-income communities living amidst Pakistan’s rapidly growing urban sprawl.

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