LabourNet, India

I just completed my training with LabourNet and have opened up my own beauty parlor. My husband has his own shop, so he helped me open the beauty parlor. It cost about 50,000 rupees ($782), but we have already seen so many customers, even in just 15 days.

My sister, Reshma, is a beautician, and she works with me there. Before we opened the parlor, I came to LabourNet to get my training and certificate, so we could run the parlor together. My sister and I always used to put make-up on each other and try different styles on each other when we were little.

I knew, even as a little girl, I would one day have my own business. I always had that dream.

I am feeling good these days. I am feeling proud of me. Now I have a new dream. My new dream is to own my own home.

Afshen, 21, lives in Bangalore, India and is a graduate of Acumen investee, LabourNet.

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