BURN Manufacturing, East Africa

My husband was the one who introduced me to BURN’s Jikokoa. A store near where he worked in Nairobi sold them, so he came home one day to tell me about the stoves and how fast they could cook. I didn’t take him seriously at first. I told him to stick to buying a gas stove, but he came home one day and I was surprised to find a Jiko in the house.

The first time I used the stove, it worked so easily and cooked so fast. I changed my mind about the gas stove. There were no complications with smoking, and it has an ashtray to collect all the ash and debris. I had never seen anything like that before.

I used to use an open stove and spend more than 400 schillings ($4) per week. But now, with the Jiko, I’m spending only 150 schillings ($1.50) per week. I would get severe headaches using my old stove. Even my boys would come to me and say “Mom, Mom, I have a headache.” But they no longer tell me that with the Jiko. I used to spend an hour and a half in the kitchen cooking dinner for my family; now it only takes me 30 to 45 minutes. Now I have time to spend time with my three sons and can help them with their homework.

Because of the Jiko, I am now able to start saving. I use the money to save for my sons’ school fees. I can save 1000 schillings ($10) every week or two to pay for their fees. The extra money is also helping me pay for my own college. I have been a teacher since 2003, but I was never trained. I started college almost 10 years ago but had to drop out because I couldn’t afford it. But since I got a Jiko in 2014, I have been able to start again with the money I saved.

I am working toward my diploma. I have always been passionate about kids. It was my dream when I was young to become a teacher.

I am now fulfilling my dreams by continuing my education and creating a savings from BURN’s Jikokoa.

It is important to me that I am saving and bringing in money for my family. I used to have to ask my husband for money every week, but now he is very happy about the money we are saving. He doesn’t have a job right now, so I am providing for my family. I feel like the boss, but it is hard.

Angela, 36, is a mother of three boys, a teacher and a customer of Acumen investee, BURN Manufacturing.

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