d.light, East Africa

I am a mother of four and rear 70 chickens on my farm. Life was difficult before d.light. Electricity is not supplied throughout the area. Because the energy was not efficient, we were using kerosene. It was expensive and bad for our health.

With d.light, life is better. d.light is cheap. Anybody can afford it.

We would use about 10 liters of kerosene for cooking and light, but now we have reduced the amount. We use it only for cooking, but not for light because now we have d.light. I have been a customer of d.light for two years and now own four of their products.

Their products are easy to maintain, and everybody can operate them. They are reliable and rechargeable because we use the sun. When you charge with the sun, you don’t use money. They are also friendly to the environment.

My children are happy. My sons and daughter use their d.lights to study. Now they are in university and my youngest boy is in primary school. I am using the money we save to pay for their school fees.

Anne, 42, is a farmer in Machakos, Kenya, and a customer of Acumen investee, d.light.

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