Juhudi Kilimo, East Africa

My family runs a coffee farm, but I stayed in Nairobi to work for a distribution company for years. In 1994, I retired and began working for my family’s farm.

About five years ago, I started to get into dairy farming. I bought two cows on the other side of town and brought them home with me. They were good cows, but I had trouble at first.

I had been listening to people say nice things about Juhudi Kilimo, so I thought it would be a good idea to join the farmers’ groups. I could reap the benefits these people had talked about and experience the same financial freedom.

I just got a loan with Juhudi with my savings. You have to save for a little bit before you can take out your loan, but I am really looking forward to building a new cowshed so I have space for more cows.

I am in the last years of my life. I didn’t think much could be done in this time, but in hearing about Juhudi, I thought something new is possible.

I thought this could actually be good in my last few years. Besides, I like working and, if you relax, you die sooner. After doing hard work and after joining Juhudi, God has rewarded me more years.

Benson, 65, began to work as a farmer after retirement and sought out a loan from Acumen investee, Juhudi Kilimo.

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