Sanergy, East Africa

I moved to Mukuru when I was 13. Growing up here we had nice schools; the only issue was sanitation. We didn’t have clean toilets and the ones we did have were a distance. At night, it was challenging because you couldn’t easily access them.

When Sanergy came to Mukuru, everything improved. Today, it is clean. I find parents are willing to send their children to use Fresh Life toilets because they know they are clean. They teach their children how to use them, give them tissue to wipe and show them how to wash their hands. People will leave soap for others to wash their hands.

When Sanergy came to Mukuru, it was a game-changer. They changed everything, and I wanted to be a part of that change.

I started working for Sanergy in 2013 and today I am a Senior Field Officer and my mother is a Fresh Life operator. I love working with the community. I love working with Sanergy because they work with the community to bring good sanitation to the people.

Florence, 23, has lived in Nairobi’s Mukuru development for nearly 15 years and works as a Senior Field Officer for Acumen investee, Sanergy

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