LabourNet, India

I wanted to start training with LabourNet because I needed to work. I am a mother of three and a housewife, but I needed to make something of my future. My family was having financial problems, so I thought I had to do something.

I saw a flyer from LabourNet a few months ago. It looked like a good opportunity, so I signed up for training. I like doing hair and facials the most. Now I have a job at a beauty parlor and am making 6,000 rupees ($94) a month. This is money I can now spend on my children. They go to a private school and that’s still not enough, but now I can help provide for them.

I wasn’t as happy being just a housewife. I love my children, but I am happy that I have my own money and have become my own woman.

My friend and I now work together at a parlor. One day, I hope to open up my own parlor. That is my dream.

Lakshmi, 35, is a mother of three and a graduate of Acumen investee, LabourNet.

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