BURN Manufacturing, East Africa

I used to cook lunch and dinner for my family using a traditional stove. It produced a lot of smoke, and I would get headaches from all of the smoke.

I saw an ad on TV for BURN’s Jikokoa. I had heard good things about the Jikokoa from other women. They had said they had saved a lot money by using it. I was part of a women’s savings group, and it was my turn to receive the money.

I wanted to make a smart investment and use that money for something long term, so I purchased the Jiko.

I really enjoyed how quickly it worked. It didn’t take a long time to light. I also realized I could place it anywhere in my house. I didn’t have to worry about it burning or catching fire. It also didn’t make anything dirty because it had an ashtray. And, best of all, there was no smoke.

I was spending about 100 shillings ($1) a day to light my old stove and now 50 shillings will give me enough for two days using the Jiko. I have joined another savings group because of the money I’ve saved, and now I can buy other things that I haven’t been able to afford. Like a Jiko for my mother.

Margaret, 29, is a mother of two living in Nairobi, Kenya and a customer of Acumen investee, BURN Manufacturing.


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