Sofik Mandel

LabourNet, India

My family has always worked in farming in West Bengal. I went to school up until 12th grade, but we didn’t have enough money for me to continue studying, so I started working as a farmer. There was not much work though and even less money to be made.

A contractor came to our village to tell us about opportunities in construction, so I decided to leave my village and start working in construction in Hyderabad. I like it. I wanted to take LabourNet’s training because it would make my work easier and help me to become better at my job.

It has been difficult to be apart from my family. I am the youngest and miss my parents and brother and sister. But I needed to make money. I have to go wherever I can find a job.

Now I am making the most money in my family now. It feels good to be able to send a lot of money home.

I plan to follow LabourNet’s training by taking the course offered by the Prime Minister’s office. I want to stay in construction and grow my skills. I need to send more money home, so I have to keep growing.

Muhammed, 22, is the youngest in his family and a trainee with Acumen investee, LabourNet.

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