Water Health International, India

I used to live in a village about 150 kilometers from Hyderabad. Everyone there was mostly farmers but, because it’s been so dry, there is no farming. All the men started drinking and there was no money to be made, so I decided to move to Hyderabad 10 years ago. Now I work in construction and live here with my wife and 20-year-old son.

I used to get my water from a borewell back in my village. When I moved to the city, I would just buy here or there, but I couldn’t always trust it. You can get sick from drinking bad water.

What’s the point of money if you don’t have your health? If you are sick, then you can’t work. If you are healthy, you can work, you can make money.

I saw the Water Health Center being built near my home. I had my son start fetching their water on his motorbike or I would go and pick it up for my family. It was good. I am comfortable drinking this water. I’m not comfortable drinking water from anywhere else anymore. I trust this water.

Nagesh, 55, has lived in Hyderabad, India for more than a decade and is a customer of Acumen investee, Water Health International.


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