LabourNet, India

I am from Muzzaffarpur in Bihar. My father had a plywood business, but he suffered a lot of losses. I was in 10th grade but had to find work to help my family. I stopped going to school a year ago and came to Bangalore, which is 48 hours away from my home by train.

I was lucky because I was new and learned about LabourNet’s training immediately, so I have been able to learn a lot.

I am a bar bender and, with the training, I can get certified and hopefully find a higher paying job at another site.

That would make my family happy. It is hard to be away from them. They call me twice a week. My mother misses me a lot. She is very sad that I’m away from home. I have been in Bangalore for two months and likely won’t be able to go home until October or November.

Right now, I don’t have much free time. I work, go home to the labor camp, then cook and sleep, but I just want to work hard. I like construction and want to make my family happy.

Praveen, 19, left school after 10th grade to help his family. He is a trainee with Acumen investment, LabourNet.

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