LifeSpring, India

I live in Hyderabad with my family in a small, rented room. My husband works at the university’s canteen and I take care of our three children and do some tailoring at home to help the family.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I went to my mother’s house and met an outreach worker from LifeSpring named Zamru. Most women in my community have their babies at a government hospital. My sister had her children at a government hospital and said it was very unhygienic. The doctors weren’t nice either, so I knew I didn’t want to go there.

Zamru told me about LifeSpring’s hospitals. They were clean and the doctors were very nice, so I decided to have my first child there. I learned that there were a few different LifeSpring hospitals in my community and people spoke well of them, so I felt good knowing it was credible and reliable.

The delivery for my first child cost 4000 rupees ($65), but I required c-sections for my second and third deliveries. My husband and I had to pay 11,000 rupees ($172) for the second delivery and a little more for the third. Even though the price went up, I wanted to come back to LifeSpring because I loved my experience.

The doctors and nurses were very kind, and my mother was allowed to be in the room with me while my husband waited outside. Other private hospitals would cost even more, but my husband wasn’t concerned about the cost because he wanted me and the children to be safe. My children were born very fat and healthy unlike babies in government hospitals who are very skinny.

I kept coming back because LifeSpring feels like home. My kids feel like they’re home too when they’re there. Now all of the children in our family are born here. 

Salma is a mother of three, all who were delivered at Acumen investee, LifeSpring.

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