BURN Manufacturing, East Africa

I have always used a traditional stove for cooking, but I would get lots of headaches and it made my entire house hot. I would have to open all the doors and windows. It didn’t make of a comfortable cooking space.

I had seen BURN’s Jikokoa on TV but my friend had purchased one and showed me how it worked. It made me want to get one for myself. It took two months to save up money to purchase the stove, but I would cut costs on food and other things around the house. I spent less because I knew the BURN stove would help me save money in the future. I usually spent 100 schillings ($1) on kerosene to make two meals for my husband and three-year-old son. With the Jiko, I only spent 50 shillings, half the price, but now I can make four meals for my family.

The first time I used the Jikokoa was a wonderful experience. I could adjust the heat, turning it up and down. It felt like cooking with the gods. I have no stress. Cooking is an enjoyable experience. Even my chapati tastes different.

My husband was impressed. Before I wasn’t able to join a savings group like other women, but now I can. From my savings, I am able to decorate my house and support my Mom. I am planning to buy her a Jiko.

Susan, 27, is a mother and customer of Acumen investee, BURN Manufacturing, living in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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