Innovative design, production and marketing of smokeless, cell-phone charging cookstoves.

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Half the planet cooks on smoky indoor fires, endangering the lives of the poor and the environment. Each year, 4.3 million die from inhaling indoor air pollution, adding up to more deaths than malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined.

The vast majority of poor households that rely on inefficient cookstoves and traditional sources of energy also end up spending a significant proportion of their income on fuel.


BioLite’s low-cost biomass HomeStove creates a highly efficient fire that not only drastically reduces carbon emissions but also generates electricity, providing users in the poorest, most unconnected parts of the world with modern luxuries like the ability to charge their cell phones. The stove lessens smoke-related illnesses, reduces income spent on fuel consumption, and improves access to electricity.

The HomeStove is the world’s first biomass stove that creates a smokeless cooking experience independent of an external source of energy. BioLite’s cutting-edge technology makes the stove uniquely built for consumers at the base of the pyramid.


The HomeStove generates 2W of electricity, saves families up to $200 annually and creates 94 percent less smoke and 91 percent less carbon monoxide than regular cookstoves. BioLite will continue to expand its operations serving customers in India, Ghana and Uganda in the coming years.