Our Regions

We work across borders and boundaries to solve the toughest problems of poverty


We seek out the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs who share our commitment to standing with the poor and give them the capital and tools to grow and scale their businesses into long-term, sustainable solutions. From banks in rural Pakistan to health care clinics in India, the companies we invest in are serving some of the hardest to reach customers in the most challenging corners of the world.


Nearly 47 million Americans live in poverty with millions more on the brink. The country’s social safety net is strained and the gap between rich and poor is only continuing to widen. This is a problem the government cannot tackle alone.

East Africa

In the last few decades, East Africa has experienced unprecedented growth and a substantial increase in population. The number of people living in poverty, however, has increased by more than 100 million and income inequality remains across the region.


India has become the world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies, but it still remains home to one third of the global poor. With a population expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2030, there is an enormous need for innovative solutions to poverty.

Latin America

Latin America has made incredible progress in reducing extreme poverty, but more than 80 million people still live on $4 a day and another 200 million face the risk of being pulled back into poverty.


Pakistan is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and now has the sixth largest population with roughly 197 million people. Despite its rapid growth, more than 40% of its residents still live in poverty.

West Africa

Three of the world’s 25 fastest-growing countries are found in West Africa. This newfound wealth, however, has not trickled down to those in need. Roughly 75% of the population still lives on less than $2 a day.

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