Gender Equity
at Acumen

More than half the population living in poverty are women. Investing with a gender lens enables Acumen to see women as integral to solving the problems of poverty. Acumen’s commitment to gender equity extends beyond who we invest in, to include impact measurement, leadership development and accompaniment of our portfolio companies. The work begins with listening to women, not only as customers and beneficiaries but as entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors. Women’s voices and skills are vital to disrupting the status quo and driving business innovations that solve the problems of poverty in new ways.


Acumen’s Commitment to Gender Equity

Acumen’s work starts by standing with the poor.

Poverty is not gender neutral, and poverty impacts people of all genders differently.

In support of our mission of changing the way the world tackles poverty, we commit to advancing gender equity across all our work, from how we invest and support leadership development to how we operate.

Acumen seeks to unlock the full potential of people of all genders—as entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, suppliers, and consumers—in order to transform the lives of poor people.

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