Learners Guild

A technology training program that removes traditional barriers and makes a software developer career available to all.

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In the U.S., there are more than half a million unfilled jobs in information technology across all sectors of the economy. These tech positions make up 12 percent of the country’s 5 million openings, making technology one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century.

To meet the demand, coding boot camps and other training programs have popped up around the country, but many of these opportunities have been largely inaccessible to low-income students and young professionals due to their design and cost, which can reach fees upwards of $20,000.

Options for low-income men and women to acquire these skills are limited to technical schools and for-profit colleges, which don’t always offer the same quality of training. Students incur large debts and often don’t graduate and those who do make an average of $900 less a year.


Learners Guild has reimagined the tech boot camp for the needs of low-income students, turning beginners into professional-level developers ready for high-paying careers in less than a year.

The company creates an in-depth, immersive environment to provide low-income learners with a full-time, real-world experience at zero-upfront cost. Learners Guild gives their students a monthly stipend so they can commit themselves to the training and only requires them to pay tuition if they secure a job with a salary over $50,000.

Beyond revolutionizing how students will pay for school, Learners Guild’s unique program prepares students to succeed in fast-paced engineering roles. It trains students over 10 months with a strong focus on coding competency, metacognition, and socioemotional and leadership skills.


With an average salary of $90,000, technology jobs can help low-income men and women build a path to the middle class. Low-income students are estimated to experience a $36,000+ increase in income after graduating from a boot camp.

Tech companies also face mounting pressure to build a more diverse workforce and cite a deficient pipeline as a key barrier. Learners Guild has created an opportunity for low-income candidates to enter the tech world, allowing them job security and growth while bringing more diversity and fairness to the overall industry.