Miliki Afya

Providing low cost, high quality healthcare in Kenya

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First Year
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The healthcare sector in East Africa is plagued by long wait times, extensive travel for treatment and prohibitively high prices which create barriers to access, particularly for the low income. An estimated 18 million Kenyans are in need of primary healthcare. Private clinics provide nearly half of primary healthcare to the poorest quintile of the population. Of the affordable private clinics, a significant number are run by non-qualified healthcare workers, often posing as certified doctors or nurses. Moreover, they are unable to provide comprehensive diagnostics and rapid treatment in the same facility, resulting in lost time and money in travel to get to alternate facilities.


Miliki Afya aims to create a chain of clinics that offer high quality, low cost, outpatient care and diagnostics in low income, densely populated areas. Miliki provides an all-in price healthcare service that is more affordable than what is ultimately paid at alternate hospitals, without the high travel costs or lost income from spending time travelling to another facility for care. What makes the Miliki Afya model innovative is the inclusion of cost effective diagnostic and radiological capabilities at the clinical level. In this market, it is uncommon to find a clinic that is able to do a thorough examination of a patient and treat him/her accordingly all in the same location and within his/her budget.


With Acumen’s $600K investment, Miliki will scale up to five clinics in the next two years and to over 40 clinics in seven years.  Given the gap in access to quality healthcare in the region, scale provides the opportunity to significantly improve the health of the Kenyan population.