Wasi Organics

An organic food company sourcing ingredients from Andean smallholder farmers.

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First Year
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In Peru, more than 50 percent of the population lives in poverty and the majority of them are smallholder farmers residing in rural areas with scarce access to sanitation, education or health care.

Due to current supply chain dynamics, most farmers take below market prices for their harvest. Farmers also face issues of low productivity, lack of access to technical expertise, capital and end markets.


Wasi Organics addresses the key drivers of rural poverty by improving farmers’ productivity and providing reliable access to end markets.

Wasi is the first company in Peru developing and commercializing value added products such as organic snacks and functional foods, under the Bio-trade principles. In locations of extreme poverty and high crop potential, Wasi provides technical assistance to increase crop productivity by 20 to 30 percent, integrate smallholder farmers into the supply chain and pay Fair Trade prices for their yields.

Wasi is leveraging the growing interest in healthy snacks and social enterprise in global markets to develop a more inclusive supply chain and benefit smallholder farmers.


Ninety percent of rural households in Peru have at least one member working in agriculture. Wasi Organics plans to double the income of 800 smallholder farmers over the next five years in the Sierra region of Peru by implementing a structured supply chain development program.

In addition to helping farmers with access to reliable markets and productivity, Wasi Organics will assist families in investing incremental income in education and nutrition initiatives.