Going where markets have failed and aid has fallen short

Our Regions



A region with rapid economic development, a fast-growing population, a widening gap between rich and poor, and a tremendous need for new solutions to tackle poverty.



Pakistan’s unique challenge is how to address its citizens’ basic needs with a hard-edged hope, while fighting both extremism and a politically unstable environment.


East Africa

Although most East African economies have continued to grow over the past few years, income inequality remains high in both rural and urban areas — from farmers to slum dwellers.


West Africa

West Africa is home to three of the top 25 fastest growing countries in the world. Yet, the wealth that’s been generated hasn’t trickled down to the lowest-income households.


Latin America

Latin America has made incredible progress in reducing extreme poverty, but more than 80 million people still live on $4 a day and another 200 million face the risk of being pulled back into poverty.