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Supporting low-income Americans through health and financial distress


The United States has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world, with millions left unemployed. In every instance, the pandemic has hit low-income and minority communities the hardest. Acumen’s investees across the country are leveraging their expertise and presence in healthcare, financial inclusion and workforce development to respond quickly to low-income communities’ needs both during and after the pandemic.

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The Fund

Acumen America is raising $2 million to provide grants to its portfolio companies for leadership in response to the crisis. Investees are using the funds to maintain and increase access to goods and services more dire during the COVID-19 crisis such as food, healthcare, childcare, housing, financial management and job training. Acumen America entrepreneurs were working to address systemic poverty and inequality in their communities before the crisis began—work that will be even more needed in America’s recovery.

Featured COVID Relief Enterprises


Bitwise runs a diverse and inclusive coding academy and technology ecosystem builder increasing access to opportunity in underdog cities in California.

Bitwise launched the OnwardUS platform to connect displaced workers to training opportunities, essential jobs and resources in six states.

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Boulder Care

Boulder is an app-based telehealth clinic offering long-term support and medical treatment for opioid addiction.

As the risk of stress-induced relapse increases, Boulder is subsidizing or covering the cost of care for patients who cannot afford to enroll in the program.

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Climb Credit

Climb Credit’s career discovery and financing platform increases access to high-quality training programs.

Climb Credit launched a scholarship fund to offer job training to workers displaced due to COVID-19.

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ConsejoSano helps healthcare providers engage and serve multicultural patients.

ConsejoSano has partnered with community health centers to raise patients’ awareness of new care options made available during the crisis such as telemedicine or drive-through testing.

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Financial Inclusion

EarnUp’s debt management platform helps low-income Americans manage their loans.

EarnUp is now providing relief funds to its users facing acute financial hardship.

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Everytable’s affordable, grab-and-go restaurants are increasing access to healthy food in Los Angeles’s low-income food deserts.

Everytable will provide healthy meals to former foster youth now facing emergency food insecurity.

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Esusu helps low-income Americans access better financial services by building credit through its rent reporting platform.

Esusu is offering emergency rent relief to families facing financial challenges due to the pandemic.

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Healthify connects healthcare and social services organizations to address social needs  for low-income patients.

Healthify is coordinating free meal delivery for food-insecure families in Kansas City and covering utility bills for recently unemployed Topeka residents.

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MindRight offers mental health coaching over text message for low-income youth of color.

MindRight is now offering its services free of charge for three months to over 500 youth facing heightened stress and challenges due to the pandemic.

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MyVillage offers affordable, home-based early-childhood education programs in Montana and Colorado.

MyVillage’s Coronavirus Relief Fund is covering educators’ tuition losses from mandatory COVID-19 daycare closures.

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Resolve provides unbiased financial information, expert advice and debt relief solutions to consumers in financial distress.

Resolve is providing free debt management advisory services to Americans in distress due to COVID-19.

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Join us in supporting low-income communities through the COVID-19 crisis.

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