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Some of the beautiful images and videos you see on this site are thanks to the enormous talents of the following photographers and cinematographers:

Jamie Billett
Susan Meiselas
Liam Mitchell
Zack Wilson

Roy del Vecchio:
delvecchio1 delvecchio2

Todd Shapera:
shapera4 shapera3

shapera2 shapera1

Communication strategy, select videos, and website design & development by #BRITEWEB.

Acumen’s brand identity was conceived and designed by johnson banks.

The Manifesto Video is based on original work by #BRITEWEB, with additional editing, production, and videography by PLOTPOINT Creative Media. Additional footage provided by Misha Kleider, from The Bouake Hustle.

Thank you for visiting, and for your interest and support.

*The reality is that there are far too many people who contributed their time and talents to the creation of this site and all the content within it to list. Site credits do a poor job of painting the real picture and honoring all those who left their mark in ways big and small. There is no such thing as “proper” attribution when it comes to things like this.


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