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Our Fellows Program is currently offered in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Colombia, East Africa, West Africa, and India. Over the course of a year, Fellows remain in their jobs while participating in five, multi-day immersive seminars and engaging in online content between seminars. The program design is centered on group-based learning, self-reflection, and real-world application. Fellows receive training, practical tools and the space to explore their own leadership journeys while connecting with innovators across Acumen’s local and global communities. Find your region below.


Spain’s Fellows Program will unleash agents of change of diverse backgrounds that are working on creating systemic and sustainable change of our country. The momentum of change is growing and it is a perfect time to create a community of leaders where there is a sense of belonging in their individual endeavor of creating long lasting impact.


As Malaysia experiences a renewed sense of civic possibility, moral leadership is needed to harness the strength and dynamics of our diversity that is fundamental to the development and harmony of the country. The Malaysia Fellows Program will bring together a group of extraordinary leaders who are tackling the country’s most pressing social issues to bring the nation to an equitable and fulfilling future for all Malaysians.


The Fellows Program will bring together exceptional leaders from across Bangladesh who are building the solutions to tackle the toughest problems of our time. Candidates come from diverse cultural, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, work across multiple sectors, and they share a deep commitment to create enduring social impact in their communities.


This is a historic moment in Colombia to craft a new post-conflict narrative. The Colombia Fellows Program brings together diverse emerging leaders who are creating change through bottom-up approaches and restoring the social fabric of the country.

East Africa

Our East Africa Fellows Program brings together the best and brightest of the region’s emerging entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents. From Uganda to Ethiopia, our applicants represent a wide diversity of cultural, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Every year, our India Fellows Program connects dynamic individuals who are committed to creating meaningful change within their country. Candidates come from nearly every walk of life and have demonstrated the ability to have impact within their sector.


Our Fellowship Program has equipped over 100 extraordinary individuals with the knowledge, support system and practical wisdom to drive positive change in society.

West Africa

West Africa is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies – yet it will require a different type of leadership to ensure that the fruits of this growth are felt by all. It will require leaders grounded in integrity, and relentless in their pursuit of equity and justice. The West Africa Fellows program will bring together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and organization-builders from both the public and private sectors who are modeling this leadership, and who are hungry to do more.



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