+Acumen is a growing network of emerging leaders from all over the world

We created +Acumen to give people a meaningful way to “add Acumen” to their lives. Learn through online courses or volunteer and network through our chapters. You could even create and lead a new chapter in your city. The world needs you to lead. This is your invitation.

Leadership Courses

Our courses will equip you with tools to solve the world’s most challenging problems.


Social Entrepreneurship

Ever dream of changing the world? Here’s your chance to harness your passion and problem-solving skills to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. Learn the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship and discover your personal path to create a meaningful impact in society.

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Design Kit

What is Human-Centered Design, and how can you use the design process to create innovative solutions for change? Acumen has teamed up with IDEO.org to offer this course on the principles of Human-Centered Design. Join us for a real design challenge to discover, ideate, and create a prototype through this course.

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Storytelling for Change

Change leaders see the world’s potential, and tell powerful stories that inspire action. Learn how to use the power of story to connect with your audience whether you’re in a meeting with one person or in a presentation to hundreds.

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+Acumen Chapters

+Acumen chapters are self-organized, volunteer-run groups that actively support Acumen’s mission to change the way the world tackles poverty.






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+Acumen Leaders

Passionately curious volunteers from all around the world who are learning with Acumen and helping to inspire their communities.

“You will never know what you are capable of unless you try. Be brave enough to be vulnerable and humble. Accept who you truly are, yet always strive to know yourself better. ”

-Raseel Sehmi

Vancouver, Canada