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Latin America

Two indegenous farmers relax in the breeze while riding a small boat through a rural Colombia river

Based in Bogota since 2013, we invest in youth employment, off-grid energy, and sustainable agriculture in post-conflict regions.

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Our impact in Latin America

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A region brimming with local talent

Despite incredible progress, 30% of Latin America’s population still can’t afford to cover their basic needs or feed their families. The most robust solutions are built from the ground up, so we invest in grassroots organizations most proximate to problems of poverty.

Millions of smallholder farmers in the region are weathering broken supply chains, the effects of climate change, and political instability after years of conflict in Colombia. We invest in companies that boost rural incomes by integrating farmers into supply chains and providing them with technical assistance, market access, and fair prices.

Unemployment and underemployment affect around 130 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean, of whom at least 27 million are young adults. We invest in companies that employ technology to improve education quality and provide job training for young people.

Candles and kerosene are used by millions of rural Latin Americans who are subjected to negative health and environmental impacts. We invest in affordable and high-quality energy access solutions to communities living off-grid.

Farmer carefully examines and picks coffee beans on Colombian farm
Man sorts plantains into crates on a banana farm in Colombia
Three technicians carefully install solar panel in a yard at a rural Colombian home

Repairing broken systems, from the ground up

We don’t have to settle for the status quo. The solutions to poverty exist and they are within our reach.

Don’t just take our word for it.

The proof is in the progress. From Bogota to Motagua Valley, Latin American companies are moving the needle on problems of poverty.

Meet the leaders of the future.

The Foundry is our global community of more than 1,600 alumni. Accompanied with the tools, connections, and capital required to scale their impact, these leaders draw on shared wisdom and experience as they navigate the often difficult path of social entrepreneurship.

Rebuilding the social fabric in post-conflict Colombia

In the wake of its 50-year armed conflict, we are building a network of entrepreneurs, Fellows, and Partners to support Colombia’s transition to long-lasting peace.

Partnering for impact

Creating change at scale stems from the power of community. We achieve more when we work together.

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Change is the domain of us all.

Building a world based on dignity encompasses many people and paths. Make your mark.

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We partner with foundations, governments, and corporations to generate insights, create influence, and scale change.