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Acumen fellow Mar Cabra speaking at the Trust in Journalism Conference 2019

Our work supporting diverse leaders in Europe began in 2020 in the U.K., and expanded into Spain a year later in 2021.

Our impact in the U.K. and Spain

Academy alumni in Spain
lives impacted in Spain
Academy alumni in the U.K.
lives impacted in the U.K.

For over 17 years, our Fellowship, a rigorous leadership program, has brought together a cohort of extraordinary individuals working on problems of poverty and equipped them with the knowledge, skills, and community needed to strengthen their leadership and scale their impact to create meaningful change in their regions.

In Europe, the U.K. Fellowship launched in 2020 and the Spain Fellowship launched a year later in 2021. Since then, the programs have collectively supported Fellows who are leading nearly 100 organizations addressing issues of poverty across Spain and the U.K.

In this region, our Fellows are building organizations across sectors and impact areas, and are most commonly focused on creating meaningful change in the arenas of healthcare, education, workforce development, and environmental conservation and sustainability.

Our programs

Acumen Academy

Meet the leaders of the future.

The Foundry is our global community of more than 1,600 alumni. Accompanied with the tools, connections, and capital required to scale their impact, these leaders draw on shared wisdom and experience as they navigate the often difficult path of social entrepreneurship.

Our Spain Partners

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Gobierno de Espana Ministerio de Trabajo y Economia Social

Our U.K. Partners

The Garfield Weston Foundation
The Rank Foundation
Segelman Trust
The David Cock Foundation

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