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Acumen Ventures

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Venture philanthropy for visionary

We provide the right capital at the right time.

Through Acumen Ventures we take risks most investors won’t for higher impact reward. We invest across the capital continuum to help transformational companies grow from seed to scale.

Our Angels award helps Academy graduates get businesses off the ground. They come with no expectation of return yet jump-start some of the most impactful companies in our portfolio.

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Impact-driven enterprises need time to turn a profit. We invest philanthropic dollars to help them build and prove their innovative business models.

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Blended finance has the power to catalyze system-wide change. We pool capital to scale strategic solutions to problems of poverty in specific sectors and geographies.

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Acumen fellow and S4S Technologies founder Nidhi Pant speaks with woman at event
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Meet the business models of the future.

They are already here and they are revolutionizing industries and redefining success.

Brilliant solutions start from small seeds.

Entrepreneurs need help getting businesses off the ground, especially when they’re implementing bold ideas in hard to reach communities. Enter Acumen Angels.

To keep growing, transformational companies need catalytic capital.

Launching a startup is one thing. Growing it is another, particularly in places where traditional funding doesn’t flow. Our Patient Capital fills the gap.

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Investing with purpose

Eight investment principles guide our ability to make capital work for us, rather than the other way around.

Returnable funding sparks continental change.

Patient Capital is critical, but it won’t reach scale on its own. Our returnable funds have the power to turn a proven market into a movement across nations and continents. 


Failing Forward: Lessons From Investing at the Edge

A majority of Acumen’s investments have been unsustainable financially, did not have the impact we had hoped, or it is too soon to tell. It’s uncomfortable to talk about failure, but if we don’t, we miss the opportunity to learn and make real progress towards eradicating poverty.