Lack of access to affordable, quality healthcare and health services disproportionately impacts the poor.

Health was Acumen’s first portfolio, launched in 2001 when Acumen was born. Since then we’ve seen and supported a range of solutions providing healthcare products and services to low-income customers. From affordable emergency ambulance services, to healthcare education, to affordable eye care, to health insurance for families, our investments and their innovations are impacting the lives of millions.

Improving access

to healthcare for millions

Our health companies provide products and services to low-income customers, including affordable ambulance services, healthcare education, affordable eye care and health insurance.


Million Lives Impacted

With dignity not dependence


Jobs created & supported

improving livelihoods and economies


Million invested

in breakthrough innovations



Providing choice not charity

Why Health?

The illness of one family member can put an entire family into poverty and lack of access to services to treat patients when they are sick can have devastating consequences. Acumen’s health investments seek to reduce costs and increase access to a wide-range of previously unavailable products and services for the world’s poor.

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