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Democratizing access to employment by connecting skilled trades professionals in the U.S. with employers through a quality-assured recruiting platform

Workforce Development



The Challenge

Roughly 40 percent of employers struggle to find qualified talent for middle-skilled trades and yet, despite the demand, less than 50 percent of qualified candidates find jobs in their field of study. Career and Technical Institutions often lack the resources to provide adequate career counseling and job placement services with only one counselor for every 1,500 students. This contributes to systemic inequality for underserved populations, such as first-generation students and students of color who make up a disproportionate amount at these institutions. Additionally, employers of skilled laborers are not often in a position to fill that gap by reaching out to institutions proactively, leaving thousands of students out of the employment pipeline.

The Innovation

WorkAmerica is a DC-based tech company working to democratize access to employment for students from community colleges and career and technical educational institutions across the U.S. It is improving the capacity of vocational schools and technical institutions to connect with employers and the capacity of employers to fill vacancies by accessing talent pools of qualified candidates.

The Impact

Every year, 200,000 businesses will hire from these institutions. Additionally, in-field job placement can more than double a student’s income. Vocational schools can also provide students with better opportunities, leading to increased placement rates, better wages, and higher success rates. WorkAmerica has the potential to improve access to meaningful career opportunities for up to 6.5 million students annually from the more than 900 community colleges across the United States.

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