K. Budda


LifeSpring, India

When I first became pregnant, we knew I didn’t want to have my baby at a government hospital. We were looking for a better treatment. We had heard from friends and family about LifeSpring, so my husband Googled it.

Before my due date, I ended up coming to LifeSpring because I has having pains. My mother and sisters comforted me and the LifeSpring nurses gave me a lot of care, so I felt comfortable. I ended up having to get a c-section. I had heard from women in my community about the pain that comes after a c-section, so I had this assumption and was nervous. But after I had my c-section at LifeSpring, I did not have any pain.

The nurses and doctors all comforted me. They gave me courage. It was a very good experience.

After 10 years of marriage, this is our first baby, so Renita is a precious delivery for us. We are so excited. We will try for another baby in a few years and come back to LifeSpring for the delivery, but right now we just want to make sure Renita is well.

One day, she was crying and would not stop. No one in our family could tell us why and, of course, the baby couldn’t tell me. So immediately we took the baby to LifeSpring and the pediatrician found out she had an earache. They gave her ear drops and immediately the crying stopped. We are very happy to have LifeSpring.

K. Budda Sai,  28, is a mother living in Hyderabad, India and a customer of Acumen investee, LifeSpring



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